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logstore * does not exist查询的logstore不存在
logstore without index config查询的logstore索引不存在
Too many queued queriesSQL并发查询超限
duplicate column conflicts索引列配置冲突
Column '*' no longer exists or type mismatch索引列错误
key ('*') is not config as numberic column索引字段非数值型
key ('*') is not config as key value config索引字段值非配置类型


AccessKeyId is disabledAK权限不足
AccessKeyId not foundAK找不到
The security token you provided has expiredSecurity token已过期
denied by sts or ramSTS或RAM权限不足


you are using nested sql, please specify FROM LOGSTORE in the innermost sql嵌套子查询最内层需要from log
mismatched input '*' expecting ...输入不匹配预期字符
IN value and list items must be the same type: varcharIN子句中的值和列表项必须是同一数据类型:varchar
Unexpected parameters (bigint) for function url_decode. Expected: url_decode(varchar(x))函数参数类型非法
'*' cannot be applied to bigint, varchar(#)运算符无法应用于数据类型x和y之间
target of repeat operator is not specified重复操作符的目标未指定
extraneous input '*' expecting ...SQL多余输入x期望y
Can not cast '*' to DOUBLE类型转换错误:无法转换'*'为DOUBLE类型
Can not cast '*' to INT类型转换错误:无法转换'*'为INT类型
NULL values are not allowed on the probe side of SemiJoin operator. See the query plan for details.在SemiJoin运算符的探测端不允许使用NULL值
Array subscript out of bounds数组下标越界
Expression "*" is not of type ROW表达式'x'不是ROW类型
identifiers must not contain '*'标识符不能包含特定字符
identifiers must not start with a digit; surround the identifier with double quotes标识符不能以数字开始
no viable alternative at input '*'在SQL结束之前可能没有输入完
Duplicate keys (version) are not allowed不允许重复的key
Key-value delimiter must appear exactly once in each entry. Bad input: '*'每个条目中的键值分隔符必须只出现一次
Pattern has # groups. Cannot access group #正则匹配无法访问指定组
ts_compare must gropu by timestamp,your grouping by type is :bigintts_compare函数必须按timestamp类型分组
time # is out of specified time range时间戳超出了指定的时间范围
ROW comparison not supported for fields with null elementsROW比较不支持带有null值的字段
The specified key does not exist.OSS bucket访问失败:指定Key不存在
reading data with pagination only allow reading max #分页最大行数不能超过1000000
Could not choose a best candidate operator. Explicit type casts must be added.无法选择最佳的候选操作符,必须添加显式类型转换。
Function * not registered函数不存在
SQL array indices start at 1SQL数组索引位置从1开始
Index must be greater than zero索引位置从1开始
All COALESCE operands must be the same type: *COALESCE函数中的所有参数必须类型一致
Multiple columns returned by subquery are not yet supported.标量查询不支持返回多个列
GROUP BY clause cannot contain aggregations or window functionsGROUP BY子句不能包含聚合函数或窗口函数
WHERE clause cannot contain aggregations or window functionsWHERE子句不能包含聚合函数或窗口函数
Left side of LIKE expression must evaluate to a varchar (actual: bigint)LIKE表达式左侧必须为varchar类型(实际为bigint)
Left side of logical expression must evaluate to a boolean (actual: varchar)逻辑表达式左侧必须为boolean类型(实际为varchar)
Right side of logical expression must evaluate to a boolean (actual: bigint)逻辑表达式右侧必须为boolean类型(实际为bigint)
Invalid JSON path: ...非法JSON访问路径
output rows execeed 100000 rows, please refine your sql输出超过100000行
max distinct num is:10, please use approx_distinct单个Query中限制最多使用10个distinct
Key not present in mapMap中不存在指定key